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Q5. The live wire of a 240 V mains supply is protected by a 15A fuse, A 3.0 kW heater is connected to the supply. The arrangement is shown in Fig.5.1.
  (a) Name the wires P, Q and R.
          Fully describe the function of the earth wire.

  (b) The user wishes to connect a 2.0 kW heater in parallel with the 3.0 kW heater shown in Fig.5.2. Discuss, using suitable calculations, whether this would be a sensible idea.

(c) The element in the heater is made of metal. Use kinetic theory to describe the effect on the atoms of the metal as the temperature rises.

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Sachin Kumar Mittal answered this

As we can see R is just connected to metal wire so that if any current is there may reach to earth (0 potential).P is live wire having potential of 220 v and q is neutral wire which complete the circuit.we can if only if current overflow fuse will start operating and supply will be stopped.......we can also see from 2 nd circuit all the connections are repeated ,it is parallel circuit....... disclaimer....please add different questions in different post.....